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How to Take the Chipotle Survey at

If you’re a fan of Chipotle, here’s some exciting news for you! Chipotle Mexican Grill, known for its delicious burritos, tacos, and bowls, values your feedback and wants to reward you for it. By participating in the survey, you not only get to share your thoughts and opinions about your recent dining experience but also stand a chance to win FREE Chipotle for an entire year! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of taking the Chipotle survey and increasing your chances of becoming a Chipotle VIP.

What is the Chipotle Survey?

The Survey is an online feedback platform created by Chipotle Mexican Grill to gather customer opinions and improve their services. It’s an excellent way for Chipotle to connect with its customers and make their dining experiences even better.

Why Should You Take the Chipotle Survey?

Taking the Chipotle Survey isn’t just about providing feedback; it’s also about benefiting yourself. Here are some reasons why you should consider participating:

  • Have Your Voice Heard: By sharing your opinions, you directly influence Chipotle’s decisions and help them understand what works and what needs improvement.
  • Enhance Your Future Dining Experiences: Your feedback can lead to positive changes in Chipotle’s menu, service, and overall experience, ensuring you enjoy even better visits in the future.
  • Win FREE Chipotle for 1 Year: Perhaps the most exciting reason is the chance to win an entire year’s worth of Chipotle for free!

What You’ll Need to Take the Survey

Before you embark on your Chipotle survey journey, make sure you have the following ready:

  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access.
  • A recent Chipotle receipt with a survey invitation.
  • Knowledge of either English or Spanish since the survey is available in these languages.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to taking the Chipotle Survey:

Step-by-Step Guide to Taking the Chipotle Survey

Access the Chipotle Survey Website

Begin by opening your web browser and navigating to the official Chipotle Survey website at

Choose Your Preferred Language

You’ll be greeted with the option to choose your preferred language – English or Spanish. Select the one you’re most comfortable with to proceed.

Enter the Survey Code

On your Chipotle receipt, locate the survey code, which is usually found near the bottom. Enter this code into the designated field on the survey page.

Answer the Survey Questions

Once your code is verified, you’ll be presented with a series of questions about your recent dining experience at Chipotle. Be honest and provide detailed feedback.

Provide Your Contact Information

To enter the sweepstakes and stand a chance to win free Chipotle for a year, you’ll need to provide your contact information. This is how Chipotle will reach out to you if you win.

Submit Your Survey

Review your responses, make sure everything is accurate, and click the “Submit” button to complete the survey.

Tips for Completing the Chipotle Survey Successfully

To maximize your chances of winning the coveted prize, consider these tips:

  • Give detailed and honest feedback.
  • Provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Make sure your contact information is correct.
  • Complete the survey as soon as possible after your visit.


Taking the Survey is not only a chance to win free Chipotle for a year but also an opportunity to help improve your favorite restaurant’s offerings. Your feedback matters, and Chipotle values it greatly. So, the next time you enjoy a burrito or a bowl, don’t forget to share your thoughts and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to become a Chipotle VIP!

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