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How to Enter the Family Dollar Survey at

In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, companies like Family Dollar strive to stay connected with their customers. One way they achieve this is through customer surveys. If you’re a frequent shopper at Family Dollar and want to share your feedback, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to enter the Family Dollar Survey at

Understanding the Importance of Customer Surveys

Customer surveys play a crucial role in improving the shopping experience. They provide valuable insights into customers’ preferences, opinions, and suggestions. For Family Dollar, these surveys help identify areas for enhancement and innovation.

Taking the Family Dollar Survey

Accessing the Survey Website

Open your preferred web browser and visit This is the official survey website where you can share your thoughts.

Choosing Your Preferred Language

Upon reaching the survey website, you can choose your preferred language for the survey. Select from the available options to proceed in a language you’re comfortable with.

Entering the Survey Code

Locate the survey code on your Family Dollar receipt. Enter this code accurately on the survey website. This code ensures that your feedback is associated with your recent shopping experience.

Answering the Survey Questions

The survey will present a series of questions about your recent visit to Family Dollar. Answer these questions candidly based on your experience.

Rating Your Experience

You might be asked to rate various aspects of your visit, including store cleanliness, staff helpfulness, product availability, and more. Use the provided scale to rate your experience.

Entering the Sweepstakes

After completing the survey, you’ll have the option to enter the Family Dollar sweepstakes. This gives you a chance to win a FREE $100 Gift Card from Family Dollar.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Family Dollar values your opinions. Your feedback guides their efforts to enhance the shopping experience and better serve your needs.


Participating in the Family Dollar Survey at is a meaningful way to contribute to the store’s growth and improvement. By sharing your thoughts, you become an essential part of shaping the future shopping experience at Family Dollar.


  1. Is a purchase necessary to enter the survey? No, you can enter the survey sweepstakes through alternative methods without making a purchase.
  2. Can I enter the sweepstakes multiple times? The sweepstakes entry is limited to one entry per person, regardless of entry method.
  3. How will winners be notified? Winners will be notified through the contact information provided during entry.
  4. What rewards can I win from the sweepstakes? The sweepstakes offers a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift Card.
  5. Is my feedback kept confidential? Yes, your feedback is used for analysis purposes and is kept confidential.

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