Long John Silver’s Experience Survey

Enter MyLongJohnSilversExperience.com and win a FREE Fish & Fries Coupon eligible for your next trip to Long John Silver’s!

Survey NameMy Long John Silver’s Experience
Survey URLhttp://www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com
PrizeFREE Fish & Fries
Receipt Valid14 Days

How to Enter

1. Go to MyLongJohnSilversExperience.com

2. Locate and enter Store Number, along with the Ticket Number from your recent receipt.

3. The survey will provide multiple questions and forms to give feedback on your recent visit to Long John Silver’s. Enter and fill out each page with important complaints or positive experiences to improve your next stop.

4. Upon finishing the survey you will receive a FREE Fish & Fries Coupon eligible for your next Long John Silver’s purchase.

About Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is a fast food chain of restaurants that is well known for their seafood. Their selection of seafood has items like Lobster-Stuffed Crab Cake, Popcorn Shrimp, Battered Alaskan Pollock, and much more! Long John Silver’s was founded in 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky. Nowadays their Popcorn Shrimp can be enjoyed at over 600+ locations across the United States!

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