Wendy’s Customer Survey

Enter WendysWantstoKnow.com and win a FREE Dave’s Single or Chicken Sandwich eligible for your next stop at Wendy’s!

Survey NameWendy’s Wants to Know
Survey URLhttps://www.wendyswantstoknow.com/
PrizeFREE Dave’s Single or Chicken Sandwich
Receipt ValidN/A

How to Enter

1. Go to WendysWantstoKnow.com

2. Locate and enter Restaurant Number, as well as Date and Time of Visit from your Wendy’s receipt.

3. The survey will provide multiple questions and forms to give feedback on your recent visit to Wendy’s. Enter and fill out each page with important complaints or positive experiences to improve your next stop.

4. Upon finishing the survey you will receive a coupon for a FREE Dave’s Single or Chicken Sandwich eligible for your next stop at Wendy’s.

5. The alternative survey site for Wendy’s is talktowendys.com

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that was founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, USA, by Dave Thomas. It is known for its square-shaped burgers, which are made with fresh, never frozen beef, as well as its signature Frosty desserts. Wendy’s has grown to become the third-largest burger chain in the world, with over 7,000+ locations across 30 countries. The company is also known for its advertising campaigns, including the popular “Where’s the Beef?” slogan from the 1980s.

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