White Castle Survey

Enter WhiteCastle.com/Survey and win 2 FREE Sliders eligible for your next trip to White Castle!

Survey NameWhite Castle Survey
Survey URLhttp://www.whitecastle.com/survey
Prize2 FREE Sliders
Receipt Valid7 Days

How to Enter

1. Go to WhiteCastle.com/Survey

2. Enter the Store Number and Sale Number from your White Castle receipt.

3. The survey will provide multiple questions and forms to give feedback on your recent visit to White Castle. Enter and fill out each page with important complaints or positive experiences to improve your next stop.

4. Upon finishing the survey you will receive a coupon for 2 FREE Sliders eligible for your next visit to White Castle.

5. Note: The new version of the white castle customer survey is survey.whitecastle.com

About White Castle

White Castle is a fast-food chain that was founded in 1921 by Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram in Wichita, Kansas. It was one of the first fast-food chains in the United States and is known for its small, square hamburgers, which are often called “sliders.” The original White Castle restaurant was designed to resemble a medieval castle, with white porcelain enamel on steel exteriors and interiors that were easy to clean. The burgers were cooked on a bed of onions, and the chain’s signature steam grilling method was used to keep the patties moist and flavorful.

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